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Best-selling Dutch book on well-being, now available in English


"Let this engaging book inspire you to enjoy your life. Firmly rooted in the science of positive psychology, it offers you many paths that allow you to take these discoveries to heart. If you yearn for more joy, hope, and connection in your life, you can find it here."

Barbara Fredrickson


"While there are many self-help books that focus on dealing with emotional difficulties rather less focus on how to accentuate the positive; how to create joyfulness, connectedness, compassion, and meaning in our lives. In this important book Prof Bohlmeijer, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology, and Monique Hulsbergen, an experienced psychotherapist, set out a map for living a flourishing life. Included are themes of finding and building on one’s talents and strengths, how to create positive, caring supportive and affiliative relationships with oneself and others and how to deal with setbacks. Many philosophers have pondered the question of how to live the good life beyond just one of pleasures. This book is a wonderful exploration of exactly that, of how to orientate ourselves with effort, courage and immoral focus to grow, mature wisely and flourish."

Paul Gilbert


"This engaging and well-written text provides a guide to positive living, including how to incorporate joy, optimism, self-compassion and kindness in our everyday lives, and how to create a space to be ourselves and to flourish. Written in a very accessible style, it outlines background theories and practical evidence-based exercises for enhancing positive mental health and wellbeing. This book is a very valuable addition to the current literature on positive psychology and mental health promotion."

Margaret M. Barry

Using positive psychology every dag
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